In Hurry-Up-And-Wait Mode

I’m finding the community of authors with my publisher to be a congenial and fun group of people. There’s been a flurry of friending on Facebook, and a rush of creating author accounts here and there across the intertubes, but not much serious action quite yet. Apparently, a couple of other new writers and I are climbing on board as part of a growth surge for the publisher, and it’s accompanied by a restructuring into various imprint categories, with lead editors assigned to groups and all. We’re too big now for the less formal corporate structure that’s worked in the past.

Editing will start soon. My editor, Jen, has a couple of edits ahead of me. I’m very much looking forward to that process. Should be interesting, at any rate, to have a critical eye that isn’t a friend or family member take a gander at it. After The Second Battle, I am no longer surprised by the astronomical number of typos that escape my notice in my own writing. Hoo-boy. The plan, I’ve been told, is that edits go back and forth for a bit, and then it goes to the line editor. Then, the artwork folks get busy, and hey-presto, by late summer we have a book published.

Jen told me that a lot of it depends on how fast the edits get done. What she doesn’t know and I do is that I am very, very fast with edits and rewrites. And I can’t imagine, when we get to that point, that any other thing on my plate will seem as important for me to do. Not complaining or being impatient, and goodness knows I have enough to do with the holidays. It’s just where things are at the moment.


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