Second Book

My plan for the last half of Winter Break is to force some semblance of order to the second book in The Were-Children series. It’s called Wolf Moon, and I slammed it out during National Novel Writing Month this past November. I’d never done that before, and what I have is just about the roughest draft I’ve ever written. For one thing, I didn’t even stop to spell things correctly, for the most part. Given the number of typos I still find in the first manuscript, I shudder to think what proofreading will be like for this one. For another thing, the story isn’t even in any sort of order. The last scene is in the middle, and first scenes are at the end. I just wrote things the order they came to me or in scenes that I had enough time to write that day. In short, it’s a hot mess.

What I’m going to try is opening the draft document with a pad of sticky notes at my side. I’ll jot down a brief note about each scene, and put the stickies up on the wall. That way I can rearrange the scenes in the order they need to happen. I think it’ll be easier just to open a whole new document and cut, rather than copy, and paste from the old document into the new one. It’s just so hard to organize two 160-page documents on a single computer screen, scrolling up and down and switching between screens. We’ll see how this process goes. It’s very likely that this clean-up process will determine for me whether or not NaNoWriMo is worth it. But as I keep saying, it’s 58,000 words I’ve been wanting to write that are now down on paper. You know I’ll let you know how it goes!


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