Just for Fun

Ten Reasons Dating a Werewolf is Better than Dating a Vampire
1. None of that weird psycho-sexual business to freak you out. You know where you stand with a werewolf, which is on the ground with your throat ripped out.
2. Werewolves are generally nice people 27 days out of the month. Vampires are dangerous every single day.
3. When you date a werewolf, dinner out might be somewhat meat-intensive, but at least there’s some variety. With a vampire, it’s Chez Sang every single night.
4. If you fall in love with a werewolf, at least you can grow old together. With a vampire, you’ll always have to look at that youthful visage in the mirror next to you. Oh, wait. No, you won’t.
5. Can you imagine having to live without garlic? Just shoot me. Not with silver bullets.
6. At least werewolves are actually alive. I mean, vampires are DEAD PEOPLE. No. Just, no.
7. Werewolves don’t mean to kill you. Gotta give ‘em some credit for that.
8. A werewolf can go to the beach with you. During the day. And catch some rays.
9. Lots of things can kill a vampire. They’re pretty fragile when you think about it. With werewolves, there’s only one thing. And who actually has silver bullets just lying around? No one, that’s who.
10. If you do decide to get married to your werewolf, you can get married in a church if you want. Vampires? Gonna have to kiss that church wedding good-bye.


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