“Tell your master that I’m coming for him next,” she said. “We’re going to finish what we started.”

The Hellfire Trilogy by Karyn Pearson is a series I’ve been enjoying recently. It’s a YA/NA story set in a post-apocalyptic, yet almost medieval, theocracy. Demons, spirits, angels, and other entities are quite literal beings, and there’s a war on, with humanity as the spoils. Pearson takes great pains with the theological, mythological, and liturgical niceties, while at the same time creates a completely new and original fantasy world. The protagonist, demon-hunter Ardentia, is fierce and vulnerable and complicated.

The third and final book. Embers, will be released next Friday, February 27. Here’s a little about it:

embers cover

Though Ardentia won the battle against Belial, her victory came at great cost. The last crown prince has been freed. Lucifer is rising and mankind’s days are numbered. Only sixty-six days remain until the end of the world. To make matters worse, Noxius is dying. If humanity hopes to survive the coming war, they’re going to need his help.

Ardentia must go where no mortal has gone before to save him. Her descent into Hell will be long and perilous, and there are no guarantees she’ll make it out alive. She must travel to the furthest depths of Hell to Noxius’ court to return him to his body. With demons lurking around every corner, it will take all of her cunning and skill to survive the journey ahead.

Interested? The first book, Spark, is available for a limited time for only 99 cents.



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