More “Casting” the Pretend Movie of my Book

So here we go! Keep in mind that I first cast these actors ten years ago, so obviously most of them have to be recast. I’m thinking about that, but haven’t come to any conclusions yet.

Giles is the friendly shopkeeper with torn loyalties. He’s kind and helpful, but what exactly is his ulterior motive? Well, don’t look at me. I’m not going to tell you! Here’s Giles, as portrayed by James D’Arcy, who is now too old to play him.


And what about Giles’ irascible Uncle Will? Nobody could be that unpleasant without a reason, could he? Will Emma ever figure out what’s going on with him? And will I keep asking rhetorical questions? No. I’ll stop now. I originally cast Michael Gambon, and I’m good with sticking with that choice.


And then there’s Margaret Spencer. So kind and so fierce, but in so very much inner turmoil and pain. I cast her as Reese Witherspoon, and she will also have to be recast. Here’s how I originally saw her.

Mar 05, 2006; Hollywood, CA, USA; OSCARS 2006: REESE WITHERSPOON at the 78th Annual Academy Awards held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Paul Fenton/ZUMA Press. (©) Copyright 2006 by KPA

And how I love Old Lucy, the prostitute with a heart of gold. Street smart and blowsy, she also has dark secrets and motivations. Ten years ago, the incomparable and fabulous Julie Walters would have been absolutely perfect for the part. Now, at 65, I just can’t justify putting her out on the streets like that.

old lucy

So it looks as if three of these will have to be recast. Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “More “Casting” the Pretend Movie of my Book

  1. They’re both more the right age, but neither of them actually *looks* their age, yanno? That’s the trouble with Hollywood. Everyone you cast is actually about ten years older than the character. Cast a twenty-something for a twenty-something, and it looks as if a teenager is trying to play a grown-up or something. I have no idea what they moisturize with, but I’m very sure I cannot afford it.

    However, though. I can see Diane Lane as a character in the second book very well. I’ll have to keep that one on the back burner, for sure. I should be more up on her work, but I have failed at that. Every time I see her name, what goes in my brain is the character Diane Dane from That Thing You Do, and I think, guys, you know she’s a fictional character right?


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