And now the recasting!

If, say, Warner Brothers were to ring me up this evening and want to make a movie of my (yet unpublished, so I’m not exactly holding my breath) novel, some of my original cast would have to be replaced because they’ve aged out of the part or, unfortunately, passed away. For these parts, I’ve been thinking and google-whacking, and here’s what I’ve come up with. The parts that would need recasting are: Giles McKinley, Margaret Spencer, Old Lucy, Stephen Devlin, and Bram Fitzwilliam.

For Giles, I’m going to go with Rob James-Collier. He has the look of Giles, and besides, I just like him.

new giles

For Margaret, I went looking for an actor who greatly resembled not only the overall look of Reese Witherspoon, but also her direct gaze and intensity. I’m going with Brittany Snow.

new margaret

For Old Lucy, it has to be someone who looks her actual age, but who presents as more youthful in action, to make it seem that life has been tough. It might seem a little weird after first choosing Julie Walters, but I’m liking Emma Thompson for this part.

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 12:  Actress Emma Thompson attends The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences Hosts An Official Academy Members Screening Of

For Stephen, of course, I had to get creative. I didn’t want just any actor who’s “like” Heath Ledger. For instance, I just don’t think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is right, even though the two actors favor. That isn’t it at all. I went way out on a limb for this one and chose Arthur Darvill.

new stephen

And last, Bram Fitzwilliam. Feeling very content with Tom Hardy in this part. He’s got the menace and the fierceness needed, as well as the depth of character. Plus, he looks absolutely smashing in period clothing.

new fitzwilliam


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