The Knight’s Apprentice–New from Distinguished Press

I just read the first installment in Catrina Taylor’s new YA serial k1Knights of the Immortals, published by Distinguished Press. As mentioned, the novel is in serial form and will be published in short installments. I enjoyed this first little bit, and I’m very much looking forward to exploring this interesting new world. Here’s a little bit about The Knight’s Apprentice.

Meet Cerita Guzman. Typical teen with all the responsibilities of an oldest child, in a struggling single parent household. Her grades are always high, and she makes it to work everyday to help with the bills. Mornings are filled with coffee, siblings, and school. This straight A student knows her stuff, but all of that is turned upside down one night as she walks home from the store.

After stumbling across a final rite preformed by a man in a suit of armor, she is faced with the evidence that proves she’s not entirely what she believes she is. Her best friend, a classmate, and this knight become her teachers as she learns to accept who she really is, and maybe find love and adventure along the way.

It’s available now on Amazon, and Knights 2 will be right on its heels!


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