Fabulous Give-Away Gift Basket!

giftbasketSo excited about this announcement! I’ve been planning this big give-away prize for months!

I’ve gathered together some lovely items, all which are related in some way to my upcoming book, Cat Moon. We’ll be celebrating the Distinguished Press July releases on July 25, the day after my book actually comes out. Join us for all the fun, games, and prizes, including this gift basket!

This charming wicker basket contains a box of Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold tea, McVitie’s Original Digestive Biscuits, a half-pint of my own homemade lemon curd, and a beautiful china teacup and saucer. In addition, you’ll get a copy of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, a beautiful pewter-toned locket I made, and a bar of Cotswold Lavender Triple-Milled Luxury Soap. Topping it all off, of course, is a sweet kitty Beanie Baby.

Take a look at this great give-away prize, and be sure to join us on Saturday, July 25, right here on Facebook, for your chance to win it all! Exactly two weeks to go!


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