Rabbit in Red by Joe Chianakas

2015-09-20“I promise you there will be more blood tonight! Oh, YES,” he shouted. “MUCH. MORE. BLOOD!”

The first book in Joe Chianakas horror mystery series, Rabbit in Red, will be launching Tuesday, September 29th! If you’re a horror aficionado, you’ll love this one! (Caveat: We’re declaring this one NA, rather than YA. It might be a little intense for middle schoolers, but is certainly appropriate for high school horror fans.)


Bill Wise has blood in his past, so he turns to horror films to wipe it clean. Jaime Stein has felt the betrayal of death, so she too takes refuge in the on-screen deaths of others. Now Bill, Jaime, and seventeen other horror-loving teens have gathered at Rabbit in Red Studios, the brainchild of eccentric horror producer Jay “JB” Bell, for the terror-filled, blood-drenched contest of their lives.

JB has presented this competition as a race between the best of the best that will reward the winners with cash, internships, and a career making the movies they love. But things aren’t always as they seem at Rabbit in Red, and soon life starts to imitate art. Will Bill and Jaime be strong enough to confront real horror to save their friends, or will they all fall victim to JB’s twisted plans?

Here’s a taste:

“This was the moment! He seized a knife that was on the kitchen floor and stabbed the hand—his own hand!—pinning it to the floor. He hesitated a moment, looking at this image in front of him. It was the strangest thing Bill could have imagined. There he was, on the floor of JB’s game chamber, but all around him he only saw the infamous cabin in the woods from The Evil Dead. And he had stabbed his own hand, but thankfully he felt no more than a sharp pinch. The knife was virtual, but the glove was real, and whatever technology JB programmed in it, the glove reacted in perfect real time to everything happening on screen.

He knew what he had to do next, and he was both excited and terrified at the idea.”

Rabbit in Red comes out Tuesday, September 29. Join us September 25 and 26 for Distinguished Press’ September Release Round-Up. We’ll have some fun and games, and we’ll be giving away books. Come check it out, and you could win an Advance Reader Copy of Rabbit in Red or another of DP’s awesome releases!


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