On Sale for the Summer–The Second Battle

Need a good read for laying out by the pool or on your Second Battle KDPlawn chair? The Second Battle is on sale for just $.99!

According to the prophecy, Lugh is destined to kill his own grandfather. Determined to escape his fate, he runs the risk of drawing all of Ireland into war.

The story of Cath Maige Tuired has enthralled people since the 9th Century. With this fictionalized retelling, the exciting battle for Ireland between the Tuatha Dé Danann and the Fomori reaches a new generation of young adult readers.

You can find it on Amazon or on Smashwords!

Here’s an excerpt:

Manannán cleared his throat. “There is one other who will have a role in this, when the time comes.”
So you keep saying,” dismissed Miach, “but we never see him. It’s not a thing we can count on if you never tell us anything.”
Manannán nodded. “True, but don’t discount what I say.”
Aengus sent the three other young people back to Tara, cautioning them not to arrive at the city gates together. He waited with the older man outside the cave.
Manannán spoke first. “I assume you realize Cridenbél is a spy,” he said. “He might be blind, but he hears everything.
Aengus nodded. “I know. We’ll have to take care of him.”
Take care of him? How?”
Aengus smiled grimly at the older man. “I’m going to kill him.”

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